Semmelweis System provides a comprehensive solution to improve hand hygiene technique and application in order to manage the risks of spreading diseases and lead to a better management for hospitals and departments.

  • Improves the hand hygiene technique
  • Supports participation in hand hygiene
  • Helps managing risks by statistical analysis and optimization
  • Empowers communication with hospital management and departments
  • Build-up modularly, at reasonable expenses
  • Supports outbreak management
  • Training tool
  • Reporting Tool
how it works
  • The Semmelweis Scanner takes a photo of both hands covered in an alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) and UVA reagent.
  • The software evaluates hand hygiene status i.e. the percentage of hand surface covered and missed.
  • Gives customized feedback for individuals on how to improve their hand hygiene.
  • Sends data for aggregated reporting and monitoring.

Cloud base instant monitoring system:

  • Can be intergrated with existing hospital databases
  • Real-time monitoring of hand hygiene competence of health workers
  • Stores all data that can be analysed and filtered
  • Collect data on health workers’ hand hygiene status and progress
  • Monitoring by occupation, age, department
  • Reports for quality management and for audits
  • Helps manage risks and support outbreak management
  • Helps to uphold consistent quality in hand hygiene
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