UV Smart D25

The portable and powerful disinfection system is designed to provide rapid and highly effective disinfection of non-invasive medical equipment, electronics and other small equipment in hospitals, health centers, nursing homes and labs in just 25 seconds.

  • Automated and consistent disinfection cycle in just 25 seconds. The disinfection process saves working time.
  • Acts on a full spectrum of resistant infection-causing microbes. Achieving at least a log-4 reduction in the full spectrum of microorganisms.
  • Sustainable, economic & eco-friendly. No use of chemicals or water. Power efficient, with a low energy consumption (UV Smart is committed to the Green Deal).
  • User friendly
  • Disinfects in 4 simple steps.
  • Used to disinfect small medical devices such as stethoscopes and the like.
  • Validated, certified and supported by clinical research.
  • Mobile device moved easily between departments.
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