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Enbio PRO

Enbio PRO. Small foot. Big sterilization space. Enbio PRO is an ideal solution as a basic workhorse in a small practice. Superfast sterilization and room to hold most of the instruments, including popular implant cassettes.
Enbio PRO sterilizes a load of wrapped instruments in just 18 minutes.

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enbio s 03
Enbio S

Enbio S is compact to fit even a cramped space. Unbelievably short process times will save your procedure in an emergency, or allow sterilization of the instruments as you go, between patients.
Enbio S sterilizes a load of wrapped instruments in just 15 minutes.

  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Fast Process time.
  • Perfectly dry pouches in no time.
  • Process reports.
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enbio 04
  • Works unbelievably silent.
  • Dedicated software for process data reading and printing.
  • All process times are drying included. Start-to-end, from instrument insertion to having them ready.
  • In case of emergency, you can sterilize unwrapped instruments for immediate use in just 7 minutes.
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