Patient Isolation Stretcher

The Isolation Chamber bag is a single-patient isolation and transport system, designed to provide maximum patient safety and comfort while allowing critical care and treatment to be performed. It can protect the environment from an infected patient or protect a vulnerable patient from a contaminated environment.

  • Blower to help with air flow.
  • The pod is flexible to be fixed on different types of stretchers to suit the needs of the healthcare worker onsite.
  • The width of the system is larger than requested to ensure comfort for patients inside the pod.
  • Compact size makes it easier to transport.
cir transport isolation chamber 02 1
cir transport isolation chamber 03
  • Negative pressure inside the chamber with respective surrounding area.
  • 3 P3 Inlet filters allowing filtration of outside air and preventing air from being released in case of occasional overpressure
    glove boxes allowing handling of the patient.
  • Airtight zip fastener allowing chamber to be opened and closed.
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