Bio-cleaning steam system ensures the complete cleaning and disinfecting of all kinds of surfaces : floors, vertical surfaces, furniture, equipment, medical devices for intensive professional use.

  • Hand contactor on steam handle. for safety.
  • Electric and electronic box waterproof.
  • Alarm : lack of water for boiler supply.
  • Reduction of operating costs in terms of time and absence of chemical use.
  • Electronic monitoring of steam pressure and temperature to secure disinfection efficacy.
  • Very high disinfection efficacy including on multi resistant bacteria such as MRSA, CRE, bacillus, C. Difficile spores.
  • The steam system is very suitable for daily usage in accordance with protocols.
  • 100% environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
  • Range of ergonomic accessories.
  • Intensive professionals use up to 10 hours per day.
  • Ergonomic steam bio-cleaning trolley.
  • LCD control screen for operator (steam output, water level in tank…)
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