Intelligent Observation (IO)

Electronically observation Hand Hygiene System, goodbye for the Visual Observation.
Accurately record hand hygiene compliance events to protect your patients and your staff.


Hand hygiene Observation system built to combat healthcare-acquired infections.
Intelligent Observation (IO) Badges are worn by users at a facility to implement hand hygiene Observation. The Badges interact with IO Beacons to collect data and understand user hand hygiene behavior.

  • Dashboard is user-friendly which makes it easy to find the data you need, right when you need it.
  • Measures “Bed Zone Proximity“ (accurate proxy for the WHO 5 Moments) and/or “In and Out” hand hygiene compliance standard.
  • Provides both group and individual level reporting.
  • Works with any brand of soap and/or sanitizer.
  • Captures and reports hand washing duration.
intelligent observation io 02
intelligent observation io 03
  • Accurate.
  • All process times are drying included. Start-to-end, from instrument insertion to having them ready.
  • Simple to Install and Maintain Effective.
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