New times call for new solutions. Prevent the spread of dangerous microorganisms and create a safer environment with Surfacide’s advanced UV-C system. The Surfacide system rapidly decontaminates SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) colonized surfaces using an automated UV-C technology that is scientifically proven to reduce viruses and bacteria in a single cycle.

  • UVC Germicidal Disinfection
  • Time Efficacy
  • Cost Efficacy
  • Could Base Monitoring System
  • No Consumables on Cycle Bases
  • Easy to Use
  • Portable
  • Multi Emitter automatic, UV-C room disinfection system that significantly controls all microorganism that are known to colonize hard surfaces in the patient environment
  • Minimize Shadow
  • Full-Room Single Cycle Disinfection (15-20 Min Approx.)


Motion Detector: Detects any motion in room and completely shuts down system.


With our Laser Mapping feature which is able to identify exposed surfaces, providing confidence that disinfecting energy has been delivered efficiently and effectively.

Scrub Feature

With the scrub feature, our laser alignment and parabolic concentrator enables Surfacide to do what no other UV system can.
The proprietary function allows UV-C energy to be directed into a user defined area. Targeted areas may include multi-beds bays, portable workstations, surgical tables, etc.


Our emitters are connected to the tabled via wireless interconnection and our tablet is connected to the webportal for report viewing.

Software Updates

Surfacide is dedicated to improving our technology and with that comes key software updates that automatically installs to ensure ease of use.

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