UV Smart D60

A revolutionary solution based on UV-C light. The smart disinfection system is used to disinfect invasive , heat sensitive channel-less endoscopes and TEE-probes in 60 seconds.

  • Acts on a full spectrum of resistant infection-causing microbes. Achieving at least a log-4 reduction in the full spectrum of microorganisms. (meets EU standard NEN-EN-14885:2018)
  • Disinfected faster resulting in a higher turn-over speed to serve more patients.
  • Higher number of patients can be treated in the same time frame.
  • Reprocessing personnel are less burdened because of the simple and quick use.
  • Disinfection chamber with Equipment holder.
  • UV-C lamps (8x) with UV-C lamp protection covers (4x).
  • Door and Handle.
  • Control unit panel and Touch screen with control unit lock.
  • Barcode scanner and RFID reader.
  • Records all necessary reprocessing data.
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